Consultant in Spinal Surgery


Medicolegal Profile

Mr Williamson has been accepting instructions to prepare medical reports since his appointment as a Consultant in 1991. Since 1995 both his clinical and medicolegal practices have been related entirely to spinal problems.

Most of his instructions are in complex, high-value cases, but he is equally happy to accept instructions in more straightforward cases. Although most cases settle, Mr Williamson has appeared in court on many occasions. He has been commended by counsel on his demeanour, and ability to withstand vigourous cross-examination.

Mr Williamson is a trained medicolegal expert, who undertakes regular CPD in the field.  He is a Registered University Certificated Expert, and a Member of the Expert Witness Institute.  His instructions are split almost equally between claimant and defendant.

The following are excerpts from unsolicited letters from instructing solicitors:

“This is a clinical negligence claim brought against two NHS Trusts relating to a suggested delay in diagnosis of an MRSA infection following a spinal injury. You provided a helpful report on breach of duty and causation dated…

Your view was that some admissions would need to be made, although on the basis of the claim as pleaded it would be possible to hold the line on causation.

I am pleased to advise that this claim has concluded quickly, with a low value settlement reached on behalf of the first NHS Trust. For your interest this was at £125,000, which is approximately 1/10 of the suggested value. The claimant discontinued against the second NHS Trust…”

“It is not often that I write to the doctor in these terms but I want you to know that you have had a profound [effect] on my client’s life.   I went to three orthopaedic surgeons all of whom concluded that my client had soft tissue injuries only, caused by the accident. The defendants had made my client an offer of £3500. As a result of your assistance the defendants have increased their offer to £170,000. This case would not have progressed without your assistance”

“… Pleased to advise the claim has been settled with an approximate sum of £160,000, which my insurer client is extremely happy with.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your services in this matter which been fundamental in drawing issues to a timely conclusion…”

We were greatly assisted by your comments in respect of the Defendant evidence, and this allowed us to put across a number of points to the Defendant legal team to highlight their litigation risk.

Ms Z was very pleased with the outcome and I would like to thank you for helping me to achieve this outcome for her…”

The claim was originally presented in the region of £400,000. At the same time as disclosing Mr Williamson’s reports we made a settlement offer of £2,000. The claimant has now accepted that offer.”